Hello, good people of Nerdsylvania! I know that I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you that nerds come in all colors, shapes, genders, sizes and levels of cleanliness. But, sometimes it’s necessary to have a bit of a refresher course every now and then.  That’s why this installment is so important.  This week we learn that DC still loves the ladies, Spider-Man has a brand new enemy, The Game of Thrones welcomes a new resident or two and something about Perry White is different. All this and the Demon King of England in this week’s NERD NEWS ROUNDUP!


  • I wonder how one would list Diablo 3 trading on their resume?
  • Not really sure how Arkham City is going to pull off The Animated Series suit without it looking silly and out of place.
  • Deus EX: Human Revolution will probably win many rewards, including driest trailer ever.
  • Free to play isn’t just for MMOs anymore. Introducing the Starcraft 2 Starter Edition.
  • “God Game” From Dust rules the charts followed by the smooth narration of Bastion.


  • Maybe Donald Glover has a chance as (Ultimate) Spider-Man after all.
  • Well, it certainly didn’t take long for racists to weigh in on the new Spider-Man.
  • DC doesn’t hate the ladies after all. But let’s stay away from talking about Wonder Woman’s pants just to be safe.
  • Hellboy is the King of England and dead but that’s not important.


  • Meet the new Merchant Prince of Qarth.
  • If HBO Go is coming to consoles, will there eventually be a way to access it without the cable subscription?
  • Brent Spiner is coming to Alphas but more importantly, there’s a revelation about the show’s universe.


  • Clearly Bane is not going for subtlety in The Dark Knight Rises. WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS!
  • He was supposed to say,”Oh my gosh, I’m in the movie?! Yes, please take my car.”
  • Paradise Lost may have found Michael.
  • Only one man has the gravitas to make the phrase “Great Caesar’s Ghost” sound amazing and poignant. That man is Cowboy Curtis.
  • I suppose one way to describe Superman’s costume is “scaly”.
  • Agent Coulson of SHIELD will star in his very own short films. Hooray?


CC image by Pop Loser on Flickr remixed by MrAnansi on Crasstalk