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A Theoretical Tesla Road Trip Timeline

TeslaThis week Tesla is announcing a huge increase in the number of their supercharger stations. These are dedicated charging stations for Tesla owners at key locations along major interstates, like I-5 through the California Central Valley for those driving between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Tesla wants people to lose their range anxiety and be able to take long trips in their electric cars. Oh, and the charge ups are included in the purchase price of the car. Continue reading

Photo Phriday: Road Trip!

Welcome to the second installment of Crasstalk Photo Phriday. Tonight we’re going on a road trip. Let’s see your pictures of:

  • Roadside attractions
  • Funny signs made by foreigners
  • Creepy Rob Zombie-esque desert hickvilles
  • Cars with hundreds of tchotchkes glued to the hood (not actually Tchotchke glued to the hood, hopefully)
  • Genuinely beautiful roadside landscapes
  • Those hitchikers that God told you to murder back in the cold, cold winter of 81

And since we usually do an alternate subject for those of you who don’t have ANY pictures from ANY road trip you EVER took (can you see me rolling my eyes, because I am), how about just post an interesting photo from any trip you took anywhere.

Here are instructions for how to post your pictures in the comments:

  • This is the magic computer code you use to make pictures appear: <img src=”PHOTO URL HERE“>
  • And it’s “photo URL“, not “photo file.” See, Crasstalk is a stubborn mistress, and she doesn’t accept gifts from your hard drive–only from the internet. Upload your photo to Facebook, Flickr, TinyPic, or any other online photo hosting site.
  • Or, if it’s something of which there’s more than one in the world, you might wanna just see if there’s a picture of your chosen knickknack online somewhere.
  • So for instance, let’s say I want to share with you all a photo of, oh, I dunno, my stepdad. But I don’t have any photos on my computer of him, and he’s out getting wasted again at the Applebee’s bar. Luckily, I find a picture of him online and insert it like so:

<img src=”“ />

  • I go to the site in question, browse new pics for about a half hour (optional), subscribe to the site’s RSS feed (also optional), and then find the image of my dad. I right-click the picture (Ctrl-click, if I’m on a Mac) and select “View Image.” A new page appears, with just my photo on it! Oh boy.  Now all I do is copy-and-paste the URL and plug it into the img src html code. Voilà!