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Kitty City Is the Meowtropolis of Any Cat’s Dreams

Cats, cats everywhere!

On May 2013, Long Island City, New York’s Flux Factory held several workshops consisting of urban planners, artists and children between five and 12 years old. During the workshops, the members determined what inhabitants would like in a city, designed the city and created the infrastructure.

The result was Kitty City, a 1,700 square foot city for cats, which opened on June 1st. Its inhabitants were 30 adoptable cats from For Animals, a local no-kill shelter.
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Last-Minute Tips for Your Pet on the Fourth

Ok, so, hopefully for those on the East Coast, you’ve already had a few beers (and a few burgers), but right now the majority of the fireworks (both professional and amateur) are still a few hours away.

You’re ready, but are your pets? Shelters see a drastic uptick in strays on this day because so many dogs and cats are scared of fireworks — not to mention that having all your nieces and nephews going in and out of your house can mean that Brisket is down the block before you know he’s been let out…or that he’s already consumed half of someone’s vodka lemonade.

Keep them out of harm’s way! Here are some basic safety tips. Here are some tips specifically to keep them calm(er) during fireworks; and here are a few more. It’s too late in the game to get prescription sedatives or some of the recommendations, but most big box pet stores are still open, and if it’s imperative, you can pick up a Thundershirt or some Rescue Remedy. Make sure they’re wearing their collars and tags, too!

If your pet eats something it shouldn’t, click here for my handy guide to pet poisoning. And a final note: if your dog or cat gets loose, notify your neighbors and the police right away. If you find out tonight that he’s in a shelter, don’t scream or throw a tantrum– no amount of emotional fireworks will get your pet sprung before open of business tomorrow. Just be happy that they’re safe and secure.

Happy 4th to you and your pets!