Kitty City Is the Meowtropolis of Any Cat’s Dreams

Cats, cats everywhere!

On May 2013, Long Island City, New York’s Flux Factory held several workshops consisting of urban planners, artists and children between five and 12 years old. During the workshops, the members determined what inhabitants would like in a city, designed the city and created the infrastructure.

The result was Kitty City, a 1,700 square foot city for cats, which opened on June 1st. Its inhabitants were 30 adoptable cats from For Animals, a local no-kill shelter.

Cat City 3

Kitty City included amenities such as:


Cat City 2Roads and thoroughfares:

Cat SlideEntertainment:

Cat MobileBy the time I got there, many of the cats had already been adopted and taken to their new homes. Several remained, but despite the exhibit organizers’ best efforts, they were generally either tired or slightly stressed.

Adult Cat in Box

Sleeping Kitten

Cat on BeanbagOne guy even decided to get away from it all:

Ceiling cat!The exhibit also featured a table run by Neighborhood Cats, an organization dedicated to reduce the feral cat population and improve the quality of life for the remaining feral cats.

All photos taken by the author.

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