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Photo Phriday: Want to hop in the sack?

Welcome to the almost-but-not-really Tax Day edition of PhotoFriday. I’m Pssshwhatever and I’ll be your host for this week’s installment, which is all about handbags. Or your bed. Whichever.

I have a weird fashion industry job that I shouldn’t really be able to get paid for doing, and in my particular case, that means handbags indirectly pay my rent. And then sometimes they make it difficult to pay said rent, as was the case the month that I made the inadvisable purchase of the Celine tote that you see at the top of the page. So ladies, show us your handbags – your favorite one, the one you carry everyday, the backpack that you take to class. Surprise us.

Menfolk: You’re not excluded either. Show us your wallets, briefcases (I’m going to be extremely impressed if any of you actually own leather briefcases) or laptop bags. Hell, even your gym bag, if it’s worth showing. I will kindly ask that you not show us your balls. (Sorry, Gooch.) That’s not the kind of sack I’m talking about.

Or, alternately, show us a different kind of sack – your bed. That is my extremely cheap Target (it’s Dwell for Target, thankyouverymuch) comforter in the background; I felt it only right that as your host, I go for the double-whammy.

A note on posting images:

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Or, if you would rather have something that you can actually copy:

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