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We Need a Name for the Retired Hipster!

We’ve been pretty much inundated with the onslaught of hipsterism over the last couple of years. We’ve watched them play kickball, work out in ironic 1980’s leotards and headbands, we’ve heard all about the rad and awesome indie bands they like, including movie soundtracks, and anything with a synthesizer, or sounds much like a whale birthing a billy goat! There have been mustaches, beards, glasses, knit hats, micro brews, gluten-free air molecules, skinny neckties, dirgy hats, smokes under an underpass, making their own movies, everyone seen here, and whatever else the species hipster enchants with his magic levels of angst, sporadic euphoria, and tremulous derision of things that indicate The Man exists.

So what happens when the hipster ages out, or gets evicted(?), banned(?) or excommunicated? Where do they go and what do they do, and more importantly, what are they called? Continue reading