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Friday Night DJ Party: The Twitch Mix


It’s been a while since I’ve hit the kids with some new music. Here’s a mix I put together with a bunch of bass/trap tunes. I used my Novation Twitch to mix this up, which is a great tool for glitchy bass and electro music. I’m still getting used to playing on it, but I think this one came out sounding pretty TURNT UP. Continue reading

Saturday Night DJ Party: A Very Bass Christmas

Happy Crass Holidays 2012_smaller

The year 2012 was the year of the trap. The term was seen everywhere this year — to describe not just the ATL-based hip-hop of 2Chainz and Future but also the dubstep and bass music scenes that were mixing crunked out hip-hop with dance music to come up with something new.

So for tonight’s DJ Party I put together a set full of spaced-out psychedelic bass music. I think this might be my best mix yet so turn up the stereo and enjoy.  Continue reading

Saturday Night DJ Party – The Summer of Bass Music Mix

This week I’m hitting you with a mix of tunes that I’d classify as “bass music” — because I don’t have a better name. It’s a mixture of ghetto-tech, electro, dubstep and breakbeat. Over the past few years bass has evolved into its own musical scene thanks to people like Diplo and Starkey. The tracklist and mix are after the jump.  Continue reading