Quiz: How Millennial Are You?

There are two tests out there that can quantify the amount of millennial you possess. Both state that being millennial isn’t just about age — it’s more about how you see and interact with the world. So let’s give a looksee and determine whether or not you do things ironically, have a landline phone, or somehow believe the world revolves around cupcakes. We’re not kidding. Cupcakes are somehow now synonymous with the millennial generation. Who knew?

That’s right, things like cupcakes and #YOLO are the signifiers of being a born and bred millennial. Is it important that we know these things? WELL CERTAINLY IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A MEMBER OF THE NEWEST, BESTEST, WORLD’S MOST AWESOME GENERATION. (This is totally what someone thinks a millennial would think.) The rest of us probably still use fishing poles, and we don’t know, speak to people without needing a smartphone. We’re sure someone from the millennial generation would find both fishing poles and forming words without the use of thumbs as quaint. That’s what these tests would have you think anyway.

The first, given by Pew Research and called “(1) How Millennial Are You?” measures things like the number of text messages you send per day and whether or not you have that Flintstones era landline phone in your home — and actually measures your responses against others to hopefully churn the data into some real research. The second quiz (2) Time Magazine’s series of yes or no questions goes by the same title and, yes, here is where you may assess your devotion to cupcakes. This is clearly a more trend-based assessment. For both quizzes the closer your score is to 100 the more millennial you are.

The interesting thing about both quizzes is that representatives from various generations have taken the quizzes and found them to either be somewhat on point about the millennial generation or completely off base. So in effect, in even attempting to measure the drops of millennial some of us display — whether for serious research purposes or to take expected themes that are bandied about with regard to the generation and make them tongue-in-cheek — there is still gray area and the potential for a rather large margin of error. Can you really say “Hey! All millennials do this or that?”

Let’s find out. Take the quizzes and post your scores and your comments in the section below.

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