Pretty Little Liars S3:E21 Recap: Oh, Spencer


The most suspension of disbelief-centric teen-mystery-drama is back. We left last week’s episode with the re-emergence of the mystery woman in red + the hit and run of Detective Wilden + Spencer’s almost heat stroke from being imprisoned in her high-tech sauna. You know, typical teenage stuff on a Tuesday night. 

Will this week’s episode reveal who the mourning flower arrangement was for? Ezra, please. Will Spencer spill the beans on Toby’s allegiance with “A”? Has Cece fled Rosewood for good? Let’s find out, shall we?

This week’s episode opens with Hannah and her mother, Ashley, planning the ultimate mother-daughter bonding session. Pinky-swearing never to reveal her mother’s hit and run of Detective Wilden. Strange. My mother has only ever had me lie about her Visa bill.

After being liberated from the clutches of death-by-sauna, Spencer decides to tell Emily and Aria that Toby is A. The girls are in denial, especially Emily.

Boring Maggie and MalcolmAria meets her future step-son, Malcolm, as Ms. Fitz-Scary has evicted Maggie from her home. Maggie and child are considering moving to Rosewood. How ideal. Hopefully, she’ll have enough sense never to buy a cellphone.

Remember when A threatened Spencer a few episodes back to never reveal Toby’s true identity, least have one of her best friends suffer the consequence in death? Oops. The mourning flower arrangement has landed on her front steps and apparently, beloved Emily is going to DIE!

Rather than stay indoors, Emily decides to visit her mother at work, which coincidentally is the local police station. She begins searching for Toby under his pseudonym “E. Lamb” only to receive a text message from him asking to meet. Emily is going to DIE!

Oh no, now Spencer is threatening crazy Mona. Bad idea, Spencer, bad idea.

Oh no, Ashley is seeing random images of Detective Wilden.

Oh no, Hanna finds Detective Wilden’s cop car in her garage.

Oh no, Emily has actually agreed to meet Toby alone.

Oh no, Spencer is following crazy Mona to some desolate area. She finds Toby dead. Who is EMILY MEETING??

Dead Toby

Oh no, the woman in red made a brief appearance. Emily, do not get out of your car. God, hasn’t the murder of your girlfriend, Maya, taught you anything? Or the attempt on your own life last summer and two episodes ago?

Emily is going to die

Hanna and Aria get rid of Detective Wilden’s car. Bad idea, girls, bad idea. There’s probably someone locked in the trunk. Orange prison uniforms will clash with your pretty hairstyles.

Oh no, Spencer has been institutionalized. I guess someone won’t be writing her SAT’s anytime soon.

Institutionalized Spencer

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