Mantyhose: New Phenomenon or Age Old Tradition Revitalized?

Website believes that nylon leg coverings shouldn’t just be for women. After all, men have legs too, and they just may want the same benefits women attain from wearing them, such as support or warmth. And what about athletics? The creators also tout health benefits as to why men should partake.

They cite:

“Men who wear pantyhose do it to improve athletic performance, energize and revitalize tired, aching leg muscles, and to stimulate circulation if they sit all day. In addition, compression can help reduce swelling and decrease the dangers of circulatory problems.”

Well, that’s certainly true. Compression socks have been around for generations, and so the creators claim have there been mantyhose or a variation thereof. If we’re thinking about ages of civilization gone by, think Shakespeare, men did indeed wear a form of stocking, yet, maybe not in fashion colors (orange, camo!) and designs. This seems like a purely 21st century addition.

So, perhaps you lords and lads out there would like to try on a pair of Mantyhose. Here are a few tips you should be sure to follow.

  • Choose the right size!
  • Put them on carefully!
  • Match the colors and patterns to your tie or your suit
  • If you’re going with sheer, pay attention to your skin color
  • Be mindful of shaving, socks, and shoes – they can help keep your leg hair covered if you’re worried about the shaving part

Not officially in the rule book, but they also believe that you can win over friends with a carefully chosen pair of mantyhose in fashion colors and that the ladies might discover that they really like the orange pair you’ve chosen – so icebreaker(?) – and as an additional boon, you may meet other guys wearing them while on your daily jaunts about town! They feel great and are a spectacular conversation piece.

But don’t take’s word for it, doesn’t think they should just be considered “manspanx” and perhaps guys shouldn’t be discouraged by, “Euroweenie-like dudes crossing their legs in teal stockings” as depicted on the mantyhose website.

“Anything would be an improvement on the unofficial uniform of the stereotypical American male (overlarge t-shirt, shapeless khakis or jeans, white socks, the dreaded big white sneakers). Indeed, mantyhose offer an uncomplicated, even austere alternative to fashion debacles past, present, and future, including double-pleated pants, Uggs, ’90s ties, [ugly sandals], and unbuttoned-up vests. There’s no real reason why any individual male ought to prefer hose at any point in historical time. But there’s never any real reason not to.”

So there you have it. Now it’s all about finding the right pair. Right, dudes? Hose up!

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