Wisconsin Recall Election Open Thread-UPDATED!

Welcome to the Recall Election Open Thread. Tonight’s contest pits sitting governor Scott Walker against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in what is essentially a referendum of Walker’s budget cuts and elimination of state worker’s collective bargaining rights. As of last night, Walker maintained a slight lead, but heavier than expected voter turnout leaves the outcome up in the air.

This is gonna be a tight one, so whether you are a union thug or a Koch brothers ass-kisser, you’ll want to grab a six of Old Milwaukee, and join us for the show.

Wisconsin polls close at 8 PM CST.

I’m going to go ahead and add in a few interesting links you can look over.

Wisconsin’s  most incompetent election clerk is causing controversy before the counting has even started.

Fox Nation is running a completely unsubstantiated story about a caller to a conservative radio show who claims unions have shipped 4 buses of voters on from Michigan. The comments are precious.

However, the most interesting story may be that in exit polling today President Obama is beating Mitt Romney by  six points for the general election. This may be good news for democrats today or it may just be good news Obama in November.

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