More Francophone Artists Worth Your Time and Money

After spending the greater part of my weekend celebrating the 30th anniversary of Franco-fête, I was inspired to compile another list of Francophone artists worth your time and money. While the previous entry featured only Franco-Canadian artists, today’s list will be mainly international in flavour. Grab your French-English dictionaries and enjoy.

Brigitte (Style: Néo-Hippie)

Éléphant (Style: Pop)

Oxmo Puccini (Style: Hip-Hop)

Chloé Lacasse (Style: Pop/Folk/Rock)

Les Nubians (Style: Nu Soul)

Madjo (Style: Rock/Pop/Folk)

Betrtrand Burgalat (Style: 1960s-style pop)

Alain Bashung (Style: Rock)

Yelle (Style: Electronic/Pop)

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