The Hollywood Caller: Neil Patrick Harris Gets the Tonys

A Broadway favorite rides again; a stupid person achieves something miniscule; Game of Thrones is still awesome; Kate Winslet and Claire Danes share a similar thought; and James Cameron gets nerdy.

Happy toe-tappin, song and dance shenanigans! NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) will be hosting the Tonys again this year. This will be his third time in four years, which is huge feat in award show hosting regimes. It’s not everyday that some superstar can take to the stage and make the crowd laugh and giggle, and ohh and ahh, and basically look up at the host beatifically and become putty in the host’s hands. This is a delightful bit of power NPH has. Is it better than invisibility or the gift of turning things to gold like Midas? Maybe not, but if we’re talking about Broadway, it’s pretty much better than that. This isn’t some old Oscar show where people can just walk out of hosting duties based upon some sort of producer beef. Oh, no, on Broadway the show must go on, or NPH will personally descend from the heavens and smack you with a glitter bowtie or some sort of nunchaku made out of jazz hands. [Deadline]

Good gracious, that lipsticked moose from Wasilla beat Katie Couric this morning in their Chat & Chew battle royale for the — I dunno — fight for the hearts and minds of middle-aged people everywhere? Couric’s stint on Good Morning America failed to eclipse Sarah Palin’s mouth-mumble and glazed eyeballs appearance on the Today Show. GMA pulled 1.76 million viewers (1.5 rating) to Today’s 2.20 million (1.8 rating). Well, that’s something. It probably goes without saying that Palin after hearing the news, and writing it down on her hand so she wouldn’t forget, probably jumped up and down because she finally beat Couric at something. No, not reading newspapers, or answering questions without saying something about seeing Russia from her Jacuzzi, but that more people wanted to see her call raising her daughters a “crap shoot” more than whatever non “crap shoot” thing Couric did over on GMA. Is there a medal we can give her for that? Yes! A picture of a lady shooting crap on the side of a hockey puck. Works for us. What do you think, Katie? [Deadline]

Game of Thrones is still freaking awesome. The show raked in its highest ratings ever on Sunday night. A total of 3.9 million viewers saw the inaugural broadcast, with 6.3 million tuning in among all of the network’s broadcasts for the night. That’s some pretty great stuff for a premiere episode, and a serious boon for HBO who just suffered a massive loss with Luck, the show about killing horses. No, it wasn’t about that, but that’s basically what happened unfortunately. This is great news, but we can’t help but think that the big jump is largely due to the magnificent Peter Dinklage, who could probably singe-handedly wield the show’s ratings on his own. Great job, GOT! [THR]

Kate Winslet who’s set to just offend everyone connected to that damnable Titanic movie has just let another zinger fly! This lady is hilarious. Not only has she said that Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” makes her want to puke, but now she says co-star Leonardo DiCaprio walks around in fat pants. Haha, somebody get this lady a mic and a rubber chicken. She’s like the Carrot Top of award-winning actresses. No, she’s really not, but it’s amazing how much burn this one chick can heap on participants of James Cameron’s hugely successful sinking ship movie that he plans to procreate with until the end of time. Winslet says of DiCaprio, “You know, he’s fatter now – I’m thinner. It’s true, though!” And now Claire Danes, another former DeCaprio co-star, has gotten in on the act, albeit a bit more generous than Winslet’s slam. “I saw Leo the other day and in some ways, our dynamic is absolutely the same, but then it’s like, ‘Oh, but wait, we’re big fat grown-ups!” So Leo eats his feelings then, eh? He’s a power muncher, yes? You guys are horrible. Snort. Whatever. Some supermodel named Brit, or Barr, or Brat just rolled over and called him “Honey, baby.” So yeah, stuff it, ladies. [Vulture]

Speaking of Titanic, oh, god, do we have to? James Cameron who we think will sometime in the near future discover the underwater world of Atlantis — and build a movie set on it — didn’t change any of the special effects for the launch of the 3D version. Of course not. We’re thinking short of Jesus needing a rewrite, Cameron wouldn’t think to change anything about his movies, however, he did succumb to one explosively nerdy addition. Noted astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson has obsessed for years about the inaccuracies of the star map shown in a very late nighttime scene. I’m not sure who notices things like this, but it’s probably safe to say people who like to obsess about inaccurate stars in movies about sinking ships? This has apparently gotten under Cameron’s skin. Not that there are scenes that look like CGI Weebles bouncing around on the ship’s deck using technology from 1997, but what some star nerd has been harping about for the last fifteen years, this is what gets him riled? Heh. And this is exactly what he said in response! “So I said, ‘All right, you son of a bitch, send me the right stars for the exact time, 4:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, and I’ll put it in the movie.’ “So that’s the one shot that has been changed.” Well, just call the man’s mother a jerk and eat all his pie why don’t you? Okay. That’s kind of funny, and we all kind of hate James Cameron, but okay, that’s a bit of a win. This would’ve only been better if Cameron sent Kate Winslet to heckle him outside his front door.[Vulture]

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