Super Squats: Supplemental Insights

When I’m at the gym or just hanging out, I’ve been asked these questions more than a few times:

“What are you taking?”
“What are you on?”
“What’s your secret?”
“Are you on steroids?”

Now of course I’m not on steroids, and some of these questions just make me go “Huh?” There is no secret! But I do take advantage of supplements as part of my fitness regimen.

To get to the real answer about whether supplements are right for you, first consider the semantics. The word supplement means just that — it’s a substance that supplements your workout.

The meaning of the word supplement should lead one to understand that you must first have a healthy diet already in place. This one aspect of your regimen — eating a healthy diet — will most certainly reduce the need to use most of these modern supplements.

Secondly, you have to consider what your body needs and what you’re missing. This should include your health care provider.

Getting your doctor involved and having them provide you with a list of supplements to use could lead to optimal health with minimal cost and help you avoid an inadvertent overdose or negative reactions.

The last consideration is the cost — which if not monitored could lead to hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars spent needlessly.

You see, this is where the effect of all that fitness industry marketing, combined with your own willingness to take shortcuts, can leave you broke and seeing no results. So do your homework and ask around, and more importantly you still have to eat right and exercise regularly.

All things considered, I am proponent of supplements and I do use them myself. Like I said earlier, you have to look at the big picture, ask the right questions and then weigh the options. Just remember that supplements are not shortcuts and should only be used if you’re going to do it properly.

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