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Saturday Night Shameless Pop OT

There are songs we are just supposed to like. They are written to appeal to the broadest audience with an irresistible beat and universally relatable lyrics. They are sung by the hottest pop stars and served up with a heavy dose of saccharin. Tonight, we offer a safe place for you to reveal those songs you turn up when you are all alone in the car or shower and sing at the top of your lungs. Continue reading

Libraries Are Saving Your Tweets and Facebook Statuses

Ever think that Tweet or Facebook status or Crasstalk comment is just going out into the webosphere void to be swallowed up and eventually forgotten? In most cases we pray for this after a night of drunken internet ramblings. Or do you ever think you are just wasting your time writing into this void that gives you so little in return? Well fear not! You can now rest assured that many libraries are on the job making sure that your contribution to the “social memory” of our times is being preserved for future generations! Continue reading