Our first public Crasstalker execution

Buongiorno. I am Mastro Titta, official executioner of both the Papal States and Crasstalk.com. I learned my craft from the world’s original commenter executioner, Jack Ketch (may he rest in peace). I am now charged with seeing that holy justice is given to the eternally damned.

I will administer swift justice to commenters and authors alike. There are various classes of sundry criminals who could meet their fate at the end of my guillotine’s blade. Trolls, the un-funny, the pointlessly belligerent and those who can’t follow the rules, you may find yourself meeting at the merciful hands of Mastro Titta.

Today our penitent who must be publicly executed is OMG! Ponies! He is guilty of numerous sins against the church and the Papal States and shall have his ability to post articles lopped off.


  • He wrote an entire post about establishing rules for Crasstalk, rather than, you know, emailing one of the site’s admins.
  • He hath flouted the church’s authority by stating in the comments that he had “no intention of putting any REAL amount of effort into my posts.”
  • He continued to disregard church doctrine by self-publishing before an editor could approve his post.
  • His article sucked. And seemed to be posted in response to perhaps the most beloved Crasstalker on the planet.




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