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The Grammys Live Blog


Tonight’s the night, Crassies. Let us be entertained by a number of tone-death artistes and their sycophant handlers. Who will be the first one to cry and thank all-mighty Jesus? My money is on Lorde. – Read More –

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French Music Worth Your Time And Money

Ah les cro cro cro, les cro cro cro, les crocodiles, Sur les bords du Nil ils sont partis n’en parlons plus. – Read More –


Three Great Long-Form Reads

This week’s reads include the history of the Ouija board, Sherlock Holmes pilgrims in Switzerland, and why women aren’t welcome on the internet. – Read More –

Three Great Long-Form Reads

Topics include how a young British woman’s death in her apartment went unnoticed for almost 3 years, why French auteurs have yet to produce anything as successful as Harry Potter (Babar takes offence to that!), and lying liars and the lies they tell on the internet. – Read More –

Three Great Long-Form Reads

Fascinating reads on the world’s largest sperm bank, animal abuse in Hollywood, and the Riot Grrrls. – Read More –

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