Haha. Made you look. That’s really what this video auteur should have said once this damnable thing started rolling. Titled “How To Pick Up A Girl,” it’s both a literal example of doing so, with the added benefit of “How to Potato Sack Throw A Girl” as an added bonus. Oh, joy. What fun we can all have on the interwebz.

And as certain bloggers have noted, this thing has been covered on most blog sites today, so that officially makes “Weird Gym Guy” an internet hero, or at the very least, some kind of bro-dude who’ll be taken out for a beer later today, probably. But really what we’re witnessing is the artistry of being Punk’d by guys like “Bro-dude girl chucker.” And yes, Punk’d is the right word for this. If ever a time to use an Ashton Kutcher reference, this is the goddamned time. There is nothing redeemable or vaguely entertaining about this video with the exception that this guy is a sly genius in setting up a circumstance that if he were to actually follow through on “picking up a girl,” not in the literal sense, it could’ve been so creepy/fantastically oddball that surely it would’ve been a legitimate viral video of the type that we expect — i.e. someone that is truly genuine and insanely brilliant yet totally lacking in self-awareness. That is the type of thing that really makes us sit up and take notice. Like Krispy Kreme for instance:

or Boxing Lessons with Eric Kelly

Yeah, yeah, some people would even count the whole Gangnam Style thing in there, but this blogger says bah! Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro were doing the “Apache” to The Sugar Hill Gang long before PSY came out with his little rodeo dance. Even if watching David Gregory and Al Roker get in on the fun may have been worth it just a little, but you, PSY, have stolen Will Smith’s thunder from twenty years ago. That’s so not original or that cool, guy.

So what have we learned from this? Not everything should be considered good enough or authentic enough to be labeled a “viral video.” So, yes, all you video TV and web hosts, this should not make the “Best in Viral Videos of 2012” list. Go find an interesting animal video or something. LIKE A BABY DUCK CHASING SOMEONE! (No, this shouldn’t make the list either unless your list is made of beguilingly cute baby duckies with murderous intentions.)