The seven episode season of Polyamory finally ended last week. Hopefully, that will put an end to the “Lektures About Philsofie” I’ve been getting from cast member Anthony in the comments section of my articles and through Twitter. If you missed any of these lectures, I believe you can sign up for them through his website.Here is an overview of what happened on the finale:

  • The most important event was a wedding. The triad of Vanessa, Anthony and Lindsey got married at a rest stop off the I-10 near Riverside, CA. They recited their own vows. Kamala officiated because there is no way she would allow a major event to happen on this show without being at the center of it. The triad all wore red and threw dice at the end. This symbolized something or another.
  • The pod of four people: Jen, Tahl, Michael and Kamala had some conflict. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Jen had some conflict because she caught Tahl sleeping in the room with Michael and Kamala. Tahl is allowed to have sex with other people but he’s supposed to sleep in the same bed as Jen. He broke this rule and Jen got mad. Somehow, this turned out to be more of a question of Jen not being emotionally evolved enough as opposed to Tahl being a dick and the episode ended with Jen agreeing to let Tahl sleep wherever he wants.
  • Kamala managed to refocus every conversation on her favorite topic: Kamala. She is truly skilled at this and should really be teaching seminars on advanced narcissism. She has a gift. Here are some examples:
    • Vanessa: “What sort of wedding vows should we write?” Kamala: “Wedding vows are important. That reminds me of a story about me. “
    • Jen: “I’m feeling frustrated and jealous because Tahl broke the one rule I asked him to honor.”Kamala: “Jealousy is difficult to deal with. Let me tell you a story about me.”
    • Michael: “Don’t we have a son?” Kamala: “Don’t interrupt. I wasn’t finished talking about me.”

It’s unclear if there will be a second season of Polyamory, but I would not be surprised. Until then, you can learn more about the participants through their other projects.

Kamala did a movie with her guru called Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya which I may discuss in another column if I can sit through the whole film. I tried to watch it the other night but brain fluid immediately began leaking out of my ears when the main character began masturbating over tarot cards.

I am interested to hear what you have learned from the series. Has it changed your opinion of polyamory?