Welcome to Thursday’s Political Sausage!

First up, some Extra Chuckle from yesterday:

  • “The judge acknowledged that the content of the e-mail was racist, but said he does not consider himself racist.”
  • David Brooks is about to meet the runaway freight train loaded with nuclear waste that is the modern GOP.
  • Tax Wonkery – Taxes could be increased to 84% before reduced incentives would outweigh the higher taxes.

And now today’s freshly ground pig parts:

  • Ed from Gin and Tacos says what we’re all thinking.
  • Ron Paul has officially sold out.
  • What’s it called when you do exactly what your enemies jokingly suggest you should do?
  • Sometimes, the articles just write themselves.
  • Guess who’s to blame for Congressional gridlock?
  • I’m posting this article only because of the last line, and this video. (WARNING! REDSTATE LINK! THAR BE WINGNUTS AHEAD!)
  • As a Jew, I am often confused as to why we are enabling this madman.
  • Doghouse Riley on David Brooks’ recent revelation.
  • If this is true, that professor deserves a medal.
  • Strictly speaking, it’s better than the alternative, but not by much.
  • Bear-hugging a cactus.
  • Andrew Breitbart dead at 43. People always say “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”, but they fail to mention anything about dancing a jig. *dances a jig* In other news, I am a terrible person.