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We are Billy Graham’s favorite writer!

Thanks to the fact that I switched to a ridiculously common WordPress theme, I was able to Google image search the dimensions of the header photo and got tons of random images from people’s goofy sites.

I was going to grab one from a Jew-fro’d lawyer who looked suspiciously close to Sean Penn’s character in Carlito’s Way. But like my pappy always said:  If you’re going to blatantly steal, try to steal from greatest writer in the evangelical world. He’s probably much less likely to sue you than the Rosenbaum Law Firm of Jersey City, N.J.


Now that the site is up…

– I basically just picked the first half-decent WordPress theme (template) that looked clean and simple. I’m not crazy about it, especially how small the commenter’s name and avatar are. We can either pick a new template or customize this one if there are any web designers among us.

– WordPress uses for its avatars. So if want an avatar, go there and log in with the same email you used to log into WordPress. It’s really quick and easy to do.

– PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change your password. The one I sent to you is just a default password and the site will be much more secure if everyone has their own unique password. And obviously make it a reasonably strong password, not “1234.” Don’t be a Sarah Palin.

– If any of you are experienced with web programming, php, apache, mysql, etc. PLEASE let me know. I could use some help with some of the back-end setup.