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Adorable Gay Couple in Dallas Wants Your Baby

Random alleged gay couple photo

No, I’m not lurking around Toys R US waiting for someone to leave their child unattended. I am, however, starting to pick up speed as I careen down the hill into my mid-to-late-thirties.  My age isn’t worrying me as much as my Father’s age and his health.  He’s fairly obese and over 70 so I’m starting to think if I’m going to have a child and if that child will ever know my father, I better get on with finding a child.

There’s a lot to consider. First of all does my partner really want a child? He said he did when we started dating. This topic was one of my qualifiers for dating. “I want kids,” I’d say and then scrutinize his face for that “something you said just farted” look. We agreed, tentatively, that this sounded like a good goal to push into the five years down the road plan. Now it’s three years later and my clock feels like it’s ticking. How do I pass the time? As anyone would pass the time: A) reading B) scheming, which I’ll refer to as “planning.”  Continue reading