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Top 6 Acts of NBC’s “The Sing Off”

The_Sing-Off_Official_LogoThe Sing-Off returns tonight! The first season aired in December of 2009. Our family watched it as we decorated our Christmas tree and, then, for the next two Christmasses after that. This year, my 6-year-old mentioned it in a school project in which he was to list family holiday season traditions:

“We drink hot chocolate and watch The Sing-Off.” Continue reading

My Soccer Nemesis

Penalty Kick cropped

I grew up a small-town jock. This modest social role came with a number of comforting certainties. For instance, from about seventh grade onward, I played the same sports with basically the same teammates each season. My town was just barely large enough to field one team in most sports.

In our competitions, we faced mostly the same kids from each nearby town. And we all knew our assignments right away. For instance, on the soccer field, I was always the goalkeeper. I didn’t have any talent for the position, really — but I worked hard, obeyed coaching directives, and occasionally got lucky. Continue reading

Less Content + Higher Prices = People Leaving Netflix

Netflix recently changed its pricing scheme so that those who want both streaming and disk delivery will be charged up to 60% more per month. The accountants at Netflix saw streaming usage and content acquisition costs going up and needed to offset those costs with higher revenues. In what surely could not have been unforeseen consequences a loss of distribution deals at the same time as a price hike has caused some customers to reevaluate their options.

Some facts for your perusal: Continue reading