Radio Crass Podcast Discussion Thread

Hello friends!

So over the weekend there was discussion about doing a podcast of some sort, so this is the place for discussion and ideas. A couple things that would be helpful:

  • If you are interested in participating comment here and comment on any special skills you could add. Not just hosting, but art, mixing, music, writing, research, etc.
  • Put in topic ideas, but for a successful podcast we probably want to come up with a bigger framework that we can fot individual topics into. For example, instead of a podcast about famous short stops we might use the podcast framework of baseball so we have some coherence and don’t run out of stuff to discuss after a couple episodes.
  • Additionally, do we want to do long stuff (several episodes) or do we want to do one off episodes?
  • Do we want just audio, or do people want to do video as well?
  • As for equipment, you don’t need much to participate. I would suggest buying a microphone and decent set of headphones, but it isn’t totally neccessary and I am happy to make recommendations.

Anyway, let’s discuss and then we can sift through ideas next week.

Here is a sample of previous Radio Crass podcasts.

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