GOP Debate/Under Card/Jon Stewart Live Blog

It’s all in one place tonight. Join is for for an evening of the kind of laughter that only the doomed truly understand. This is our future.

Here’s a link to the stream. Don’t download the spammy flash player from the pop up just click Close Ad at the bottom of the box.

Up first tonight, The Under Card Debate. These are the folks who are too crazy or shameless even for the GOP faithful.

Top Pick: Lindsey Graham. He’s actually gainfully employed and probably won’t call anyone Hitler.

Top Crazy Talker: Battlin’ Bobby Jindal probably will call someone Hitler.

Most Embarrassing to the Party: We can pretty much assume Rick Perry will hold this position, but don’t rule out Demon Sheep Slayer Carly Fiorina.

Your Drinking Terms:

  • Socialism
  • Permanent Political Class
  • American Exceptionalism
  • The Bonus 2X Drink is (of course) Benghazi

The Main Event

God help us, there are 10 of these jackasses. While Trump is the focus of tonight’s event, there is plenty of batshit to go around (looking at you Huckabee).

Top Pick: This will be so ugly. Cruz will be out for blood, but don’t count out the snot-nosed Rand Paul or the minion of Satan Scott Walker.

Top Crazy Talker: Don’t worry, America, Ben Carson’s got this.

Most Embarrassing to the Party: Chris Christie will almost certainly take an opportunity tonight to show America how truly awful he is.

Your Drinking Terms:

  • Overt Racism
  • Culture of Dependency
  • All Lives Matter
  • Securing the Homeland
  • Taking America Back
  • The Bonus 2X Drink is Ronald Reagan

Goodbye Jon Stewart

Damn. Just damn. Gonna be a tough election without this guy.

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