QOTD: Tell Us Your Best April Fool’s Joke

So, I’m not really one for April Fool’s jokes because I’m not terribly clever, but I do enjoy seeing them played out. A lot of companies now use them to launch new products. My favorite are the Google April Fool’s jokes/hoaxes.
Anywho, here is the story of the one time I can remember having an April Fool’s joke played on me.

When I was in middle school I was very good friends with a guy a year older than me. We each ended up at a single gender high school (girls for me, boys for him, DUH), but they were brother/sister schools. There weren’t enough boys to justify having a French class at the boys school, so for the guys interested in taking French, they came over to my school. My BFF and I had a Mutual Friend that was in this class. (I had a HUGE crush on this guy, but he also likes boys. I didn’t know that at the time.)

When BFF and I were in middle school, we would pass notes and since we had this Mutual Friend in the French class, we passed notes through him. Over the course of a series of notes, he starts telling me about this girl he really likes and eventually how they got it on and now she’s pregnant. He reinforces this notion every time we go out and Mutual Friend is also in on the joke. Eventually, he asks if I want to be his child’s godmother. I’m only 14, so what the hell do I know about kids, but this is my BFF at the time so, of course I say yes.

Then on April 1st I get a note from him saying APRIL FOOL’S. Hahahaha… Whew.

Anyway, tell me some of the best April Fool’s jokes you’ve played or had someone play on you.

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