Our Polyamory Ambassadors: An Update

It’s been almost a year since the premiere of Showtime’s “Polyamory”. A new season is starting this week. We learned a lot during the first season, especially from cast member Anthony. Kamala and her husband Michael were the breakout stars of the show and they will be on Season 2. I thought it was time to check in on Princess Polyamory and Captain Cuckold and see what they’re up to.

The San Diego pod, Kamala, Michael, Jen and Tahl, appears to be intact. I think they’ve added some members but I’m not sure. Roxanne, Kamala’s lover, is still hanging around. It’s unclear whether she has loved Michael up yet, but if not, I’m sure he’s still pushing for it. If you want to read some deep, thought-provoking poetry, check out Roxanne’s poetic tribute to Kamala. Really. Do it.

Kamala is busy pushing the poly lifestyle. She offers all kinds of consulting services for couples who want to move past monogamy. She speaks at lots of conferences and seems to be America’s Next Poly Star. She’s got an online store with books, audio and all sorts of stuff. There’s a monthly e-zine you can subscribe to if you must. Kamala wants you to make love to life and she can guide you through this wilderness we call sexuality.

Kamala wrote a heartfelt apology on her blog to pod member Jen. Apparently, she violated a boundary with Jen. She did not specify what the boundary was, but I have some guesses. Perhaps Kamala made sweet love to Jen’s husband Tahl on top of their wedding pictures. Maybe she cut Jen’s head out of all their wedding pictures and pasted her own head in place. Perhaps making love to life gave her herpes. Maybe she chases down Jen’s lovers and rubs her pheromones all over them. It’s so hard to say. Jen seems to have little sense of her own self-interest so there’s no telling what she’ll put up with.

Kamala wrote about Michael’s birthday fantasy on Facebook. Guess what it was? 49 blowjobs! What a man! Only a stud of epic proportions could handle that much lovin’. I have no trouble believing this as I suspect Michael regularly propositions people on the street for blowjobs. There are lots of recent pictures on Kamala’s Facebook page (I highly recommend following this page. It is unintentionally hysterical). Evidently, Michael is still patronizing SuperCuts. He also has a new girlfriend that Kamala is totally accepting of.

Anthony, Lindsey and Vanessa, the other family on season 1, will not be on Season 2. This is kind of a bummer as it’s great fun when Anthony storms the comments section. Instead, there is a new triad and you can see them on the promo for Season 2. I can tell you that the guy already gives me the creeps. Once again, it’s a guy and two girls. The women seem a bit young for him so I will be interested to see what the attraction is (you know it’s money). Whoops, never mind. I can’t afford Showtime right now. Maybe I will start a fundraising site so that I can keep up with this valuable programming.

Photo: Flickr/Robert Ashworth

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