Celebrating Food-on-a-Stick

Late summer means county fairs and midways, and that means food-on-a-stick.  Popsicles, shishkabobs and corndogs are familiar examples of food-on-a-stick and probably are available at your local county fair. The others shown here, maybe not so much.

Click on for some truly great food-on-a-stick.

Alinea_-_COURSE_13Tuna jerky flavoured with soy sauce, fish sauce, and rice wine, topped with black and white sesame seeds, fresh ginger, lemongrass, and candied grapefruit peel. (Source)

Alinea_-_COURSE_24A one-bite ball of spun sugar, with frozen licorice cake at the center.  Anise and orange accents. (Source.)


Fried alligator.  (Source.)


 Bacon lollipops: bacon and pecan covered cheese-balls-on-a-stick.  (Source.)


Cooked chicken eggs on a stick, seen in Thailand. (Source.)

640px-Pocky-SticksFood that is a stick.  Pocky sticks, to be exact.  A biscuit stick covered in chocolate, popular in Japan.  (Source.)

640px-Maguro_zuke_kushi_by_jmsuarez_in_Nishiki_Ichiba,_KyotoSashimi on a stick!  Slices of high quality raw tuna flavoured with soy sauce.  (Source.)

Sauce_Drip_on_SatayMaking satay in a street stall in Malaysia.  (Source.)

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