Six Surprising Film & TV Quotes that Have Infiltrated Everyday Speech

Clueless Quote Way Harsh Tai

Chances are a day doesn’t go by without you quoting a movie or TV show at least once. It’s not unexpected when that quote is an “exxxcellent” running gag from The Simpsons. Or a flash-in-the-pan quote du jour that will peter out by summer’s end. (Remember “Show me the money”?) But sometimes, the lasting power of a quote takes you by surprise. These 6 notable quotables from film and television continue to roll off tongues today:
1. Way harsh, Tai

Clueless turned 18 a few days ago. But even if Cher is no longer a virgin who can’t drive, her plaintive statement remains a staple rejoinder for when a bestie has crossed the line.

2. If you’re gonna spew, spew into this

You know when a friend is freaked out by the giant cockroach that just skitted over her foot or had a little too much to drink and suddenly that greasy burger doesn’t seem like it was such a great idea? And you feel sorta bad, but also want to keep the mood light? In times like these, with you as always is Garth and this quote from Wayne’s World.

3. Hey, girl, hey

A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila contestant Keasha bounced onto the dating show scene with this signature catchphrase. She ultimately left the show early on, but her “hey, girl, hey” has penetrated popular lexicon.

4. You are a Mean Girl

Turns out when it comes to coining memorable catchphrases, “bitches get stuff done.” Although she came up with several celebrated lines as head writer on SNL and Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, Tina Fey’s most oft-quoted phrase is this moniker for those not-so-nice girls you knew in high school. Ironically, the “mean girl” admonishment may be frequently cast about most by mean girls themselves.

5. Oh, here go hell come

When Calvin Tran learned he would have to work as part of a team on Bravo’s The Fashion Show, the design contestant made this foreboding prediction. Today, innocent observers continue to use it when they see someone throw shade and anticipate the coming thunderdome.

6. I’m Audi (Outtie) 5000

Although Ben Stiller’s character didn’t get the girl in Reality Bites, he did walk away with the idea for In Your Face TV. Upset that no one really “gets” his music, faux-Ethan Hawke bounces, muttering an angsty “I’m Audi 5000.” It turns out this turn of phrase is based on a design glitch of a real-life Audi vehicle. Whether you use the proper term, or the popular misquote “I’m outtie 5000,” you’ve probably made a recent exit with this flippant farewell.

My list is Audi 5000. What film and TV quotes do you and your friends incorporate into everyday speech?

Image by Bob Jagendorf

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