Introducing Nerea, Your New Crasstalk Theme

It was April 30, 2011 when we purchased the Zillapress theme and shortly thereafter that we switched over. That’s way too long to keep one theme so we embarked on a journey to spruce the place up a bit. The design elements that we wanted for the new theme were something that put the emphasis on the posts and stayed away from too much clutter. We also wanted something that was simple yet eye catching. And lastly the 550 pixel wide column that we’ve been constrained to was just too small.

We are pleased to introduce our new theme Nerea written by Keeval who has spent the last few weeks customizing the theme and taking every suggestion and request seriously.

The key features that you’ll notice are the left hand sidebar, wider column and putting the posts as the main feature of the site. No more banners, headers, logos or anything, just right to the posts.

The theme has a built in image slider which we’ll publish some examples with soon. The images you use will need to be higher resolution if they’re going to be full width so choose carefully.

Over the coming hours and days you’ll see the theme come together as we make the changes to optimize the site, finalize the theme settings and put up new content to showcase the capabilities of the new theme.

Please ask questions or make suggestions. Please send angry letters here.

All of the testing and work on the new theme wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts of everyone’s favorite beagle DontMakeMe.

Photo: Flickr

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