Blind Items

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

1) “This member of a famous family has gone from average to muscley. Is he eating more protein and lifting weights? A bit, but diet and exercise don’t really deserve the credit for his improved physique.

He’s actually been injecting steroids since the beginning of the summer. He thinks that muscles are “cool”. He thinks that they will attract more girls and help him land more roles. After all, those things are much more important than his health.

Look for him to wear a lot of short-sleeved shirts to show off his guns while he is traveling this winter. Also look for more facial hair. Girls and producers, are you watching?” [Blind Gossip]

2) “This on again-off again Couple has had some turbulent times. Now, a pregnant ex might be thrown into the mix.” [Downfront 2]

3)”Reality competition shows have celebrity guests all the time, either as guest judges or as mentors. There is something unusual about this guest though.

She is going to be appearing on this successful reality competition series. The odd thing is that she used to have a very intimate relationship with the show’s producer. Very intimate.

We thought that she wanted to change her reputation by avoiding him, but this latest move has us wondering if he is “helping her out with her career” again. If so, what the price is that she has to pay for that help?” [Blind Gossip]

4) “He was supposed to be the “good one” among his group. However, the peer pressure is really starting to get to this young performer. He went out for a night of fun with some friends in New York City last week. While they were drinking heavily and doing dr*gs, he stayed rather subdued, sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea.

But that wasn’t good enough for the hard-partying crowd. They started teasing him about his choice of drink, and wouldn’t relent until he started doing shots. He gave in and started pounding down shot after shot of vodka until he could hardly stand. He wound up going home with some random girl (who was 10 years older than him) at 3:00 am.

Dude, you’re underage, you’re constantly drunk, you’re hanging out with a hard-core druggie crowd, and you’re going home with random women. Save yourself!” [Blind Gossip]

5) “This young power couple stopped by a famous Las Vegas wedding chapel with plans to get hitched, but they got cold feet at the last minute! It seems clear heads prevailed when the two saw the line of drunk revelers waiting to wed – and they wanted no part of it! Who are they?” [National Enquirer]

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