QOTD: Tell Us About Your Appalling Co-worker(s)

“I had an office-mate once who…”.

We’ve all had them. The one who eats garlic to stave off colds, and only manages to stave off anyone wanting to be within 50ft of them.

The one whose desk is piled high with food wrappers, food, nail clippers, nail clippings, last week’s shoes, etc etc.

The one whose actual desk is clean and tidy, but whose floor is covered in cookie and cracker crumbs, patiently waiting for the evening shift of mice and bugs to eat them.

I had one once who, when she didn’t hear what you’d said, didn’t say “Excuse me?” or “Pardon?” No, she made a donkey-like braying “ayyyy?” that included a chin thrust, the purpose of which I’m not sure about.

Mr. S. had someone in his office building who liked to – I swear I’m not making this up – poop in the corner of the stall. The person then piled vast lengths of toilet paper on top of it, and left it there.

I once worked in a bookstore where the poor manager, after many complaints, had to speak to an employee who, not to put too fine a point on it, smelled bad. Yes, body odor so rank that more than one customer complained. After putting it off, and dreading it (he was a nice man, she was a nice woman) for weeks he finally sat her down. She jumped up in horror, dismay and embarrassment, ran out of the store and was never seen again.

So, do please unburden yourself of some of the vile practices of someone you once worked with.

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