Blind Items

Here are your Friday blind items! More of you need to guess!

1) This teenage heartthrob was recently in the Magic Kingdom and he and his friends had a great time laughing and being generally obnoxious. It’s understandable for his age we guess, but making kids cry kind of crosses the line for us. The worst thing about his behavior was the ‘contest’ the group devised which involved seeing who could pop the most balloons of other guests, especially those tied to strollers. [Buzz Foto]

2) What hot young Brit model-of-the-moment has gotten a reputation on the London fashion scene for being a devotee of retro party drug “special k’? [New York Post via Blind Gossip]

3) When this Academy Award winning actor who rarely does television was single everyone used to love to go to his house to party. It turns out that our actor always feared getting recognized going for rub and tugs so he hired two full-time women who lived in his guest house and were always on call. They were there for about two years and he even gave them health insurance. [CDAN]

4) This B-list television actress is on a new network hit, but a couple of years ago she almost died because of her eating disorder. At one point she was down to 75 pounds and bed ridden. [CDAN]

5) Two brothers from a celebrity family. Huge name recognition. Back in the day they were a-holes. Heck, even now to some degree they are. Anyway, the two brothers used to enjoy getting into fights whenever they had the chance. Their favorite target? Gay men. Kind of surprising when you think about what they preach now. [CDAN]

6) Which Mad Men actress buys and returns thousands of dollars worth of merchandise each week just so she gets attention from the staffs at stores. She loves when they swarm all over her. [CDAN]


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