You’re Going to Want an Ectaco jetBook

Engadget is at CES, reporting on all the exciting new tech gadgets. They played with the jetBook, Ectaco’s new color e-reader. It’s not just a color e-reader, it’s a color e-reader with a Triton Color E Ink display, a first in the crowded e-reader market.

Already on the market in Eastern Europe and Asia (the product is marketed with an educational slant on Ectaco’s site), jetBook will soon be available globally. As Engadget notes, the colors are a bit muted, but this is still an exciting step forward in E Ink technology. As more and more tablets (with backlit displays) vie for consumers’ money, E Ink-based readers must continue to evolve to stay competitive. Check out Engadget’s hands-on post to see more pics and watch a video.

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