Friday Late Night DJ Madness

Hello my little chickens! Are you ready to do some chair dancing in front of your computer? I suggest you find some earphones or maybe some rockin’ external speakers (I favor Bose, just so’s ya know) because it is time to Throw to the Down.

First up: Chonique Sneed – Pop Drop And Roll (ft. Lisette Bustamante)

Remember this from So You Think You Can Dance? Sure you do. Here’s the whole thing, instead of the 90-second teaser you heard on the show.

Next in the mix: Princess Superstar – Perfect (Afrojack Remix)

Princess Superstar is quite the lady, no? I’m also a fan of her song “F Me On The Dancefloor,” but this, I think, is her opus.

Here’s a couple of winners from Mark Vidler, the man behind Go Home Productions. I think he’s just brill.

Go Home Productions – Papa was a Clock, a fun mix of Coldplay versus The Temptations:

And be sure to check out “Pink Wedding.” Have fun, y’all!

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