Thursday Morning Headlines

Well the new royal couple is visiting Canada right now and it seems like every time I look at the news it’s about them and I hate that and I hate them. Today they visited Slave Lake, Alberta, a community that was devastated by wild fires recently. Oh yeah, great, thanks guys that’s exactly what those people want right now to have two aristocrats paraded in front of them whom have never done anything and are obscenely wealthy while they have probably worked their asses off all their lives and they had their houses burned down by wildfires. They probably feel so much better about their situation now, thanks, really.

  • Here’s something about that royal visit if you want to know more about how awful and dreadful those two are.
  • All this one needs is the actual headline: “Jury Clears Teen from Canada who Killed Scottish Man he Believed was a Zombie.
  • Strauss-Kahn will not be pleading guilty to any charges. They’re confident the smear campaign is working then I guess.
  • Oh, god. Congress is still talking about the budget.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper phone hacking scandal from a few years ago is getting worse.
  • Libyan Rebels are are 100km from Tripoli.
  • Mitt Romney has raised the most funds, while Gingrich hasn’t raised quite enough.


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