Super Squats Club: Eating

The above picture, and every one I use in this post, are from “What the World Eats”.  It’s a nifty little photo book from Faith D’Alusio that documents what families around the world eat in a week.   Faith knows that food is an ideal window through which to explore cultural differences.  It’s a delight.  Moving on…

If I gave into my natural impulses, I would eat like this family

That kind of bad-horrible-no-good shit which is staple in the diets of many of fellow Americans (yes, they’re American) doesn’t bode well for my waist nor compliment the badass workout routine I’ve been on for the past two weeks (FYI, that’s approaching a personal record).  So I’ve decided to keep a food journal and track every morsel of fat that veers into my mouth.  The idea is that the journal will cause me to evaluate my food choices more carefully.

Enough about me, I want to talk about you, babies.  Been working out?  Eating horribly?  You’ve gone vegetarian?  Met a hottie at the gym?  I’m listening, gworl.  (There should be PLENTY of chatter in these parts, now that we’ve kicked the construction crews out and can reopen the club.)

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