George Takei is Not Okay, He’s Awesome

George Takei is a superhero. Is there anyone else that approaches in-your-face homophobia and generalized ignorance with such good humor and aplomb? No, there is not. Takei is launching the “It’s Okay to be Takei” campaign wherein he suggests replacing the word “gay” with “Takei.” In the video below (which ends hilariously), he offers examples of how well this works. Break out your feather boas and hot pants for the Takei Pride Parade! That book isn’t gay, it’s Takei!

Takei is initiating this campaign as part of a protest against Tennessee’s ridiculous state legislation titled SB 49, or what is commonly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill would prevent teachers from discussing any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality with kids in grades kindergarten through eighth. (I wonder if that cut-off date is supported by research.) Apparently, supporters of the bill are still under the impression that if you don’t talk about it, then that “unpleasantness” never happened.

The bill passed Tennessee’s Senate late this afternoon. The House has already treated this like yesterday’s trash and put off any vote on the bill until 2012 but that may change given the Senate’s approval of the bill. Nevertheless, I, for one, am ready to Takei up a Star Trek uniform with rhinestones, feathers and shiny pleather and salute Mr. Takei for his righteousness as an activist, but more importantly, a human.

Image via blastr.

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