Thursday Daytime Open Thread

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Also, look at the top of page today. Do you notice any thing new? It is the Crasstalk Writer’s Guide and it is for all of you to make writing here easier. It has directions on how to post and good tips on making your posts great. If you write for Crasstalk, I expect you to read it, even if you are a veteran. I am hoping it will make your lives easier by creating a central place to answer questions about the posting process. Please email us if you think something is missing.


Good morning, my little chickens! Guess who’s hosting some Open Threads, hmmm?? Go on, guess. I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve guessed that it’s me (took you long enough, jeez), I’d like you to imagine me strutting down the aisle to the rink, wearing a pink silk robe covered in chrysanthemums and sequins. This song will be playing. Just thought I’d give you some perspective on how this plays out in my head.

A few months ago, I decided to start keeping a diary again. You see, I was quite the prolific diary-scribbler as a youngster and I really like having some place to write down the shit that I’m too ashamed to speak aloud.

Apparently Stalin and I have that in you think he had pink floral stationary too?

And so I picked up a pretty gridded Moleskin and I’ve been occasionally spilling my brain-to-fingers vomit. It’s actually pretty successful! My handwriting has improved and I am able to let go of the petty stuff.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that any song titled “Dear Diary” automatically sucks. This Pink one is OK but the Sims video that accompanies the song is hilarious. I must warn you though, you’ll be starting your Thursday with a teenaged Sim in a purple thong being massaged by her boyfriend. Awwwwkward.


Do you guys keep a diary too? I hope you’ll share the juicy tidbits about how you totally flashed Brian between third and fourth period.

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