Guilty Pleasures: Trash Novels

Let’s just go ahead and pretend it is beach reading season since the weather has been crappy in so many places the last couple weeks.

Isn’t that better? Now, tonight’s guilty pleasure is he trashiest thing on your bookshelf. What is that novel that you love, but keep hidden behind the more high brow stuff so your friends won’t talk. Here’s mine. I haven’t read it since I was a teenager, but I read this entire horrible series.

Why was this ever even published?

Unfamiliar with V.C. Andrews? If I summarize the plot you will think I made it up, but it is an actual romance about incest. It is the most fucked up thing ever. Proof! This actually sold millions of copies and had several sequels.

Thank God, I have never seen the movie adaptation.

OK, fess up.

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