Netflix Sunday: Party Down edition

Hey all, sorry for last week’s hiatus.  It happens.  Here’s what should have been last week’s installment:

Not a fan of sci-fi (for shame)?  Not in the mood for heavy coming-of-age dramas from the 90s?  Ready for 30 minutes of awesome at a time?  Well, Party Downis the show for you.

There are several valuable lessons to be learned here.  For one, unicorns and wizards are NOT hard sci-fi, lemons are known as “sun eggs”, and if you’re going to have an orgy party, your invitations should probably indicate as such.

Aired on Encore from 2009-2010, this show is about a group of Hollywood hopefuls working at Party Down, a second-rate catering company that while they suck, I’d love to have cater one of my events (if I was cool enough to have events, that is), where bad service, and hilarity, ensue.

Being that I’m unqualified to convey the humor of the show, I’ve decided to include a few clips for your entertainment.

Here is an apt description of the catering capabilities of the crew: Smackdown

Constance (Jane Lynch) arguing semantics: Hooker?

Fearless leader Ron Donald, calmly and rationally handling a crisis: Crisis handling

Lizzy Caplan handling a dog crap crisis; Oops

The crew has to cater a variety of parties, and is pretty much known to be the cheap alternative to good catering companies.  Their catering style normally includes someone getting high, having sex in inappropriate places and/or with costumes.  There’s also always multiple bullshit sessions and arguments with or near Henry (Adam Scott) at the bar, and inappropriate inter-employee sex between Henry and Casey (Lizzy Caplan), and a good bit of Megan Mullaley playing the anti-Karen in the second season.

The show primarily focuses on six characters, but has a constant barrage of guest stars contributing to the hilarity.  If you enjoy humor and deadpan, as well as inappropriate language and behavior, with some occasional grossness mixed in.

Until next time – enjoy your TV.

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