What’s a Nice Open Post Doing in a Place Like This?

Good morning. Hopefully you are more chipper than I am today. A couple of housekeeping announcements. Please take a moment to read the new commenting guidelines and the writing rules posted by our Beloved Leader last night. Also, there will be a writers workshop thread starting about 8 pm EST tonight so we can all get together and talk about our “art.” I hope that we can all use this as an excuse to exercise our pretension muscles.  Actually, I am really hoping we can give each other support and develop our ideas.

A few news items for your morning time-wasting. Think Progress has been doing an investigation of the US Chamber of Congress. They have uncovered evidence that the Chamber used a private security firm to gather personal information about political opponents, including labor union activists. How civic of them.

Glenn Beck wants you to stop using Google because it is part of a government conspiracy. Maybe I will go back to DogPile.

Today is silly 90s music day. Don’t pretend you only like this ironically, I know you better than that.

Stay pressed.

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