CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

While covering the celebration in Tahrir Square on Friday, February 11th, CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan was surrounded by a mob and brutally sexually assaulted and beaten. Logan was rescued by women in the crowd and Egyptian soldiers and was able to return to the United States. She was admitted to a hospital here, where she remains under care.

CBS released a short press release.

Before this, I thought Anderson Cooper was brave. As better-known correspondents, including CBS’s evening news anchor Katie Couric, were pulled from the region due to safety concerns, one wonders whether covering stories like this is an occupational hazard or whether news agencies have an obligation to use local media sources rather than injecting occasionally unwelcome U.S. journalists in to volatile situations or regions. Logan was not a war correspondent or an embedded journalist. Do the benefits of on-the-scene coverage outweigh the risks?

ETA: Logan is a war correspondent who serves as CBS’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, covering Afghanistan and Iraq as an embedded journalist for “60 Minutes” and the “CBS Evening News.” Her extensive and impressive bio is here.

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