Technology Will Get Your Lazy Ass Out of Bed

The most patented device is the US is the mousetrap, but I’m sure number two is the alarm clock.

Science has long promised us a graceful awakening based on our own body rhythms giving us a nice way to start the day. Instead we have been given alarm clocks that are loud, alarm clocks that run awy from us, ones that play only music you don’t like, ones that donate money to causes you hate for every minute you stay in bed. This kind of stick instead of carrot system has gone on far too long.

Now you can finally have a gentle marriage of technology and body rhythm to get your lazy ass out of bed.   WakeMate.

The website even lets you track your sleep paterns so you can obsessively search WebMD for sleep disorders that you have diagnosed yourself with.  Now wake up, fall out of bed, drag a comb across your head and get some coffee so you can really wake up.

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