Molly West, daughter of Zimmerman defense attorney, Don West, posted this picture of the two eating ice cream cones, presumably in “celebration” of West’s cross examination of prosecution star witness Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel is the young woman who last spoke to murdered teen, Trayvon Martin and who took the stand yesterday in hours-long testimony.


After Jeantel’s testimony, the internet, in particular right wing blogs, were ablaze with commentary mocking the young woman’s intelligence, in many instances calling her “stupid.”

The corresponding caption reads:

We beat stupidity celebration cones #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit

Hmm, insensitive much? We’d say so. Especially since it seems to hover right around gloating over the fact that a young man lost his life. “#dadkilledit” is pretty much the worst choice of words ever. But then what do we expect from the daughter of the man who thought telling a knock-knock joke at the beginning of a murder trial was a good thing?

Molly West has since deleted the account, and some may be tempted to claim that the picture is fake. However, website, B.Scott has a photo of Don West during testimony yesterday and compares the two photos with seemingly like results.

Now that we know how much social media can impact a trial — we’ve already seen it introduced in the Zimmerman trial — is it possible the judge could admonish West for his taking part in social media discussion about the case?

What say you lawyers out there? If this photo is real, did West cross a line?