Gosh, y’all, did you watch last night? Did you see ‘ol Bill knock that one out of the park? Barely a word from the fact checkers and that, Paul Ryan, is how it’s done. William, you can show me your stimulus package anytime you want, big boy. (I said William, not Willard. Settle down there, Mr. Romney. We know you don’t have one.)

Anyhoo! Tonight’s the night, y’all! The grand finale of the DNC, where Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama will speak. The suspense is overwhelming! What will crazy Uncle Joe say? Will Biden lead us into another rousing chant of “Osama Bid Laden is dead! General Motors is alive!”? Will Barack tell us that voting for Mittens is a vote for the end of our Judeo-Christian nation as we know it? (Hint: No to the latter, maybe to the former).

We’ll hear from Senator John Kerry, who I’m sure will have lots to say about ol’ R-Money and former Florida governor and Republican-turned-Independentish-Democrat Charlie Crist (Nyah! Take that Artur Davis! We got one of our own!). Fingers crossed that Betty White will make an appearance and shut Clint Eastwood down.

Obama’s speech is slated to start at 10:30 PM, but tune in early for everyone else.

Special thanks to A Piece of the Continent for contributing to this post.

[Picture via Wikimedia Commons.]