It’s Monday so get to guessing!

1) “Over the next few weeks, this B- list television actress will be scrutinized for why she is leaving a hit show. She has not been asked to leave the show and she is a firm believer in the policy of not voluntarily leaving a hit show. So, why is she leaving? Because of one of her co-stars who will not stop saying things to her which have caused her to seek therapy. It all started out a couple of years ago when she started working on this hit network show. Things happened and one thing led to another and she ended up sleeping with her B list co-star. He soon started sleeping with another co-star and our actress was hurt but moved on.

Then, the actor wanted another go with her and she said no and for the past two years has been talking smack about her to anyone who will listen. Truly awful and horrible things about how she is a drug addict which she is not. How she hit on married producers and crew members which she has not. Anything he can think of, he has said. The one time she confronted him about it, the actor said all she had to do was sleep with him again and it would all go away. So far she has refused and because he is a bigger star than her, the producers have told her to stay quiet and that they will give her a bonus if she leaves the show and does so quietly. If she makes a fuss they have told her she will have trouble getting work on any show and that perhaps if she just had sex with the actor again then things would be all better. Yeah. She was pretty disgusted too.” [CDAN]

2) “Hot Celeb Thinks Different to Get Lucky! Traylor McMuff is the kind of celeb dude who enjoys many of the trappings of Hollywood life. But the guy will probably never go home with an Oscar, that’s just a cold hard fact. Instead, Traylor gets to take back to his bicoastal abodes many other things, mainly lots of money, tons of friends who love his outgoing personality, and, um, just about every woman who he comes in contact with, both married and not.

What’s his secret? Traylor hangs out almost exclusively with gay men! See, Traylor knows that despite his killer abs and face, both L.A. and New York are chock-full of gorgeous young men who are dying to show almost any woman a good time. And even though Traylor’s bod is drop-dead tight (still) and his face is chiseled as they come, he is not, how shall we say, getting any younger. He therefore loves nothing more than going out—sometimes several times in one week—with his friends to gay bars. Because Traylor knows full well that often where gay men go, also go their straight best girlfriends. And these gals are usually so taken aback to find out Traylor isn’t secretly gay (as many folks think) they’re willing to do just about anything the McMuff asks.

Which just happens to always include taking them back to his pad and—how shall I put this?—having nooky that’s not exactly great for everybody. Just Traylor.What a naughty boy in more ways than one!

AND IT AIN’T: Matthew McConaughey, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West [E!Online]

3) “Which A/B list, married actor with children was influenced by Banksy after watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and spent an entire weekend a few months ago, in LA with street artists tagging up the city?” [Buzz Foto]

4) “This Couple’s split has all the drama: bad press, fights and dating other people. There’s one element I don’t think anybody counted on….police involvement. Now that the cops are looking into this latest altercation, will past bad behavior result in somebody catching a case?” [Downfront2]

5) This solid B+ actress is taking a break from her marriage to a C list actor. She was overheard telling people that they are just “taking a break,” but she admitted in private that she caught him sending sexy texts and emails to their mutual friend. Their male mutual friend.” [Hollywood Dame]