What is in the mind of the modern female? It’s a question on many people’s mind and fortunately, we have xoJane to turn to for detailed information on the female experience. This is the website’s tagline: “xoJane.com is where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded.” Evidently, the modern woman has selfishness issues. Thankfully, they have a website to turn to.

It Happened to Me is xoJane’s way of getting readers to contribute their personal stories, much like our own Bots’ “I am a Hot Tub Rash Survivor.” The series is a good idea and many women out there have compelling stories to tell. There must be many stories of survival of abuse, overcoming obstacles and achieving seemingly impossible goals. xoJane is gathering them all.

Here are just a sampling of the triumphs of modern women that they’ve gathered to date:

If you were moved to tears by any of these stories, you’re not alone. xoJane, a product of Jane Pratt, formerly of Sassy, popped up with their own brand of sassy, you-go-girl truthiness. Unfortunately, the site is constantly under attack by jealous bloggers like The Gloss who just don’t get it. xoJane regularly accepts contributions for “It Happened to Me” so if you have any stories of persistent yeast infections or bad laser hair removal, you should to get in touch with one of the editors.