A nation weary of trying to talk any sense into GOP Candidate Michele Bachmann has sent instead an eight year old boy to carry the message. It is hoped that dealing with her on terms and at a level she can understand will be more successful. Previous attempts to reason with Mrs. Bachmann have met with what appears to be a solid wall of ignorance and intolerance when it comes to issues involving gay people other than her husband.


Elijah told Mrs. Bachmann that his mother is gay and “doesn’t need fixing.” This is presumably in reference to the Bachmann family ran clinic,¬†Bachmann & Associates, where they have denied offering to help people change their sexual orientation, even though they were exposed on undercover video this last July offering to help someone become “totally free of” Same Sex Attraction.

Michelle Bachmann favors a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality for gays. I am excited to see an eight year old have what appears to be a clear and open message on human sexuality, as it relates to his mother. Bachmann was left speechless by the quietly spoken words from this little boy. It remains to be seen if this message got through to her in the dark recesses of crazy, past the misty forests of denial and into the secret place of fear that is her inner gooey core.