This is may be the greatest economic breakthrough of our time: researchers at the University of Helsinki have published a paper called “The Male Organ and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter?” Basically they successfully found a correlation between GDP and average penis size.

So you probably think the paper will find that men in wealthier countries have bigger dongs. But you’re wrong! You can have a thriving economy or large trouser snakes, but not both.

The size of male organ is found to have an inverse U-shaped relationship with the level of GDP in 1985. It can alone explain over 15% of the variation in GDP. The GDP maximizing size is around 13.5 centimetres, and a collapse in economic development is identified as the size of male organ exceeds 16 centimetres.

The absolute worst is the countries at the small penis AND weak economy end of the U-curve. Those countries get no respect in the gym locker room!